Fixed Hazards

(hazards that do not move but may be affected by tides)

  • Marinas, bridges, abutments, pillars, posts, docks, rocks, rock fill, sea walls
  • Groins, jetties, piers (cargo & pedestrian)
  • Retainer dumps, rebar, wrecks, stumps, bone yards, cables, buoys
  • Dredging gear & pipes, loose lines, traps, pots, nets
  • Oyster beds & sand bars
  • Slippery launch pads


Dynamic Hazards

(now you see them, now you don’t)

  • Power boats, ships, sail boats, jet skis, tugs, barges, SWBs
  • Other paddle craft, divers, swimmers
  • Jelly fish, sting rays, sharks
  • Intertidal zone, kelp, mud flats, large tide range
  • fishing lines, fish hooks
  • Flotsam, jetsam, lagan, and derelict
  • Boat loading area traffic


Environmental Hazards

(Mother nature will not be fooled)

  • Waves, breaking waves, rogue waves,
  • Long shore currents, rip currents, tide races
  • Lightning, fog
  • Air temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Wind


Hazards of “Omission

(Things you should have done or planned for, but didn’t)

  • Prepare and Plan
  • File a float plan
  • Check and service your gear
  • Confirm conditions suitable before launch
  • Consider your skill set
  • Hypothermia, hyperthermia, hyponatremia, cold shock


Hazards of “Commission

(Things you should not have done, but did)

  • Some prescription drugs can exacerbate health conditions
  • Count on someone else to be prepared for you
  • Plan on someone else taking care of you



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