•   ACE Basin

o   Combahee River; Launch at Steel Bridge landing

o   Ashepoo River; FeeFarm Creek and shuttle to Brickyard landing take out.

o   Ashepoo River: Bennetts point to Otter Island (about 18 miles)

o   Edisto  River, Weeks Landing to Marsoldfield (about 16 miles)

o   Edisto River, Weeks Landing to Messervy Landing (about 26 miles)

o   Edisto River; Martins landing with shuttle to West Bank Landing; 11 miles

o   Edisto River, Long Creek to Martins Landing (about 9 mi)

o   Edisto River; Willtown Bluff Landing to Penny Creek Landing, return Penny Creek to Edisto at WBLanding (about 14 miles)

o   Edisto River: Penny Creek loop (about 6 miles)

o   Horseshoe Creek (ACE Basin) out & back (about 5 miles)


  •   Rivers & Creeks

o   Awendaw Creek out to Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge, Rosa Green Landing to Buck Hall  33.03048, -79.60325

o   Black River: Pump House landing to Pea House Landing (about 10 miles)… or Pine Tree Landing (5 miles) 33.4705,-79.49283333

o   Cherry Point Landing to Botany Bay (about 6 miles) 32.59805,-80.18276667

o   Capt Sam’s Inlet; Launch from Mingo Point in Kiawah – possible to continue to Deveaux Bank

o    Dawhoo River, Dawhoo Landing to Willtown Bluff (about 9 miles) 32.63576667,-80.34098333
o   Echaw Creek ; Pitch Landing launch thru national forest

o   Elliott’s Cut, Stono 32.76743333,-79.97283333

o   Five Fathom Creek | Lat: +33.0000 Long: -79.4967

o   Folly River to the Pilings at South end of County Park  32.66828333,-79.99716667

o   Folly River to Oak Island Circumnavigation 32.66828333,-79.99716667

o   Folly River launch to the Morris Lighthouse 32.66828333,-79.99716667

o   Folly River to Holland Island Creek 32.66828333,-79.99716667

o   Goose Creek Resevoir (about 8 miles) 32.9265,-80.02016667

o   Hampton Island Rice Plantation & Santee River: McConnels Landing to Wambaw Creek (Echaw Rd) 33.24033333,-79.51933333

o   Lower Santee at the foot of Lakes Marion & Moultrie

o   Isle of Palms Marina Morgan Creek to end of IOP

o   Limehouse Bridge/Wallace River loop (about 12 miles) 32.785,-80.10641667

o   Quenby Landing to Huger loop  (about 7 miles) 33.09016667,-79.80483333

o   Quenby Landing and Creek to Pompion Chapel on the Cooper River 33.09016667,-79.80483333

o   Quenby Landing to French Quarter Loop (about 18 miles)  33.09016667,-79.80483333

o   Rantowles Creek, Bulow Landing to Dogfinlandia (about 6 miles) out & back 32.81876667,-80.14861667

o    Rantowles Creek; Bulow Landing to Rice fields (about 6 miles loop) 32.81876667,-80.14861667

o   Shem Creek, Mt Pleasant to Crab Bank  32.78883333,-79.8725

o   Sparkleberry Swamp (about 8 miles) 33.70033333,-80.535

o   Stono River, Sol Legare Landing up Abbapoola Creek loop (about 6 miles)

o   Stono River, Sol Legare landing to Sandy Point

o   Wambaw Creek, Still Landing to Wambaw Bridge loop (about 8 miles) 33.17735,-79.4967

o   Wambaw Swamp Wilderness area (Francis Marion NF 6-9 miles) 33.17735,-79.4967

o   Wando River, Paradise Island to Cat Island (about 8 miles) 32.91373333,-79.73716667

o   Wadboo Creek Landing (about 4 miles) 33.21318333,-79.97328333

o   Wappoo Creek/Coburg Creek loop (about 5 miles 33.21318333,-79.97328333



  •   Ocean & Harbor

o  Bulls Bay ; Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge to  32.94032, Longitude -79.65759

o   Cherry Point Landing to Deveaux Bank (about 9 miles) 32.59805,-80.18276667

o   County of Charleston North end of Folly Beach to Morris Lighhouse (surf)

o   Dewees Island from Gadsonville landing  Longitude: -79.73898 Latitude: 32.87472

o   Demietre Park to Cummings Point & Ft Sumter (about 8 miles) 32.7530° N, 79.9176° W

o   Demietre Park to USS Yorktown (channel crossing of harbor) to Drum Island and return  32.7530° N, 79.9176° W

o   Edisto Beach (surf) Latitude 32.5048, Longitude -80.29533

o   Garris Landing to North end of Bull Island (about 12 miles) 32.93995,-79.65745

o   Otter Island from Edisto Marina circumnavigation

o   North Capers Island from Price Creek Lat: +32.8817 Long: -79.6583

o   North Santee (Pole Yard Boat Landing) Latitude 33.20988, Longitude -79.38287

o   Seewee Bay from Moore’s Landing Seewee Bay |Lat: +32.9367 Long: -79.6550

o   Sullivans Is circumnavigation (about 13 miles) meet @station 31


  •   Lakes

o   Lake Marion; Spires Landing to Blacks Landing loop (about 16 miles)

o   Lake Marion: Santee SP across the lake to Persanti Island, to Carolina King Retreat & Marina and return (about 14 miles)

o   Lake Moultrie; Blacks Landing to Old Santee Canal loop (about 15 miles)

o   Lake Moultrie: Russelville Flats (about 8 miles)

o   Lake Moulterie Fish hatchery (about 6 miles)

o   Lake Santee


Disclaimer:   We provide this information as an aid to you to help develop and plan your own paddling trip. We neither warrant the accuracy of this information nor guarantee that the information is sufficient to provide a safe paddling experience. Proper training and the appropriate equipment are the essential components of any paddle sports activity.