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Books on Kayak Navigation

  • “Sea Kayak Navigation Simplified” by Lee Moyer  [96 pages, about $6 used]
  • “Simple Kayak Navigation” by Ray Killen [135 pages, about $9 used]
  • “Sea Kayak Navigation” by Franco Ferrero [104 pages, about $11 used]
  • “Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation” by David Burch [ 254 pages, 4th ed. , $16 new]


Favorite Books on Kayaking

  • “Sea Kayaking Illustrated: A Visual Guide to Better Paddling” by John Robinson [170+ pages, $17 new]
  • “Sea Kayak: A Manual for Intermediate and Advanced Sea Kayakers” by Gordon Brown [188 pages, $26 new]
  • “The Complete Sea Kayakers Handbook 2nd ed.” by Shelly Johnson [ 325+ pages, $17 new]


American Canoe Association Resources



  • Video: Its Your Turn – A Defensive Boating Primer


  • Video: Decide To Return – A Strategy for Safe Sea Kayaking


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