For Interactive Predictions for Tides and Currents:

See CO-OPS click [Map] select and click state, center map and zoom in.

  • On right menu Require Type [Tide Predictions] or [Current Predictions]
  • Select pushpin (Harmonic Station) or white square (Substation)
  • For Substations, see offsets and reference station.

Definitions and Notes:

CO-OPS: Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services

ODIN: Observational Data Interactive Navigation

[x]: Note x, found at end of document


Reference Master Documentation (NOAA Tables are basis for all other commercial products):

  • Tide Tables {for year} yyyy, Tables 1,2,3,4 [2]
  • Tidal Current Tables {for year} yyyy, Tables 1,2,3, [2]


Process for Prediction of Tide & Currents

  • Step 1, get the “Harmonic” Station Prediction from (any of the following);
    •    CO-OPS ODIN (Interactive Map) [01]
    •    Table 1 [02]
    •    App(lication)s & Tables (various printed, PC & smart phone) [03]
    •    Logs (Limited Area but most relevant data) [04]
    •    Annual Publications [05]


  • Step 2, get Subordinate Station Corrections from (any of the following;
    •    CO-OPS ODIN Graphical for Tides & Currents, Numerical for Tides Only)
    •    Table 2 [02]
    •    App(lication)s (Typically via GPS reference to nearest Subordinate)
    •    Logs (Limited Area) [04]
    •    Annual Publications [05]


  • Step 3,  Estimate Tidal Data Within Cycle When Required;
    •    Table 3 (and Est of Slack Duration for Currents Table 4) [02] Part of Table 2
    •    Tide Height: One-quarter One-tenth rule, Rule of 12ths,
    •    Current Speed: 50/90 Rule


  • Step 4, Understand and Account for Localized Effects  (Local Knowledge & Notices)
    •    Known Changes in Bathymetry
    •    Documented Channel Restrictions


  • Step 5, Be Prepared to Understand and Adapt to Weather Impacts such as;
    •    Wind
    •    Precipitation
    •    Drought


[01] Google: NOAA Tides and Currents or

[02] Current year, in tabular form for $90, past years free to down load

[03] Nominal or free, most without current and limited corrections for substations

[04] e.g. @ $16/yr,

[05] Publishers List @ NOAA Tides Prediction FAQs Q#19, typically $20 up


Use of Obsolete Data:

Although past year’s Table 1 actual tide and current data cannot be used for prediction, Table 2 tends to remain relatively constant. Changes due to addition and removal of subordinate stations are relatively rare.